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Are you looking for {CITY} guitar lessons? Want to SPICE up your guitar playing (or maybe you are starting from scratch)?

Great, because you have come to the right place. I want to give you some very PRACTICAL advice on finding the best guitar lessons in {CITY}…or no matter where you live!

My name is John Courier from, and I have been playing guitar for over 35 years. I love it! I absolutely love playing and performing and recording.

However, I have had a love/hate relationship with guitar lessons. Let me explain…so you know where I am coming from.

Do I really need guitar lessons?

I started playing guitar when I was 13-years-old, mainly because there were three big musical influences in my life at that time.

1. I had a mom who sang constantly in the house, so I got ‘musicized’ through osmosis–I caught her music bug like a flu virus from a coughy, sneezy child.

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2. My older brother was guitar-mad, and he had this really expensive Les Paul that I was not allowed to touch. It looked so cool–and so off-limits–that I wanted to get a guitar for myself.

3. I had my own love of music that was growing in the background. I used to get my mom’s old portable organ and try to play the main melody from the Walton’s TV program (ugggh). She was so excited about this that she went out and bought an ugly blue piano, hoping that I would play it (I didn’t). The love and aptitude for music was still there, even after the Walton’s were cancelled (hurray!).

The problem with local guitar lessons

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I took a few guitar lessons, and they did a bit of good. But here is the problem:

* I wanted to learn, but I didn’t live near to a good teacher. The distance really hindered me from following up with my lessons.

* At that time, I couldn’t record my lessons (he never even suggested it), so I would have to rely on MEMORY to make sure that I was practicing the right techniques and effects. I usually didn’t remember correctly, so it hindered my learning.

* I wanted to learn rock chords, licks and tricks, and this teacher was trying to teach me the jazz stuff that he thought that I needed to learn (even though I learned to love jazz later on in life).

So, I taught myself–which took a lot longer…a LOT longer! I also learned the wrong way of doing things on the fretboard, which I had to UNLEARN those bad habits later on.
Now, after a lot of trial and error, I have gotten up to a respectable skill level, so that I can perform a variety of styles at community events, government buildings and educational seminars. It took ages, but I am ok for the moment.

Should I take guitar lessons in {CITY}?

[…if I can even FIND a good guitar tutor here!!!]

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QUESTION: If I had to start over and I was looking for guitar lessons in {CITY} or anywhere else, where would I take my lessons?

ANSWER: I would find the best online guitar lessons that I could find, and I would dive in head-first and master the guitar in 6-9 months!

Yes, I would take guitar lessons online, rather than with an in-person tutor, because I could:

  • progress a lot faster
  • review all my lessons a dozen times or so
  • take my lessons on the go via my tablet or laptop
  • rewind and replay each technique segment, so that I REALLY master it the CORRECT way the first time.

Take guitar training online!

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I think that learning guitar online is definitely the way to go. I wish that I had the internet when I was 13!

So, want to know my recommendations for the best place to take guitar lessons training?
Below, I placed a button that links to the BEST PLACE to get your online guitar lessons. CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW, check it out and let me know what you think!

Whatever you decide, don’t stop practicing and learning and playing until you become the best guitarist that you can be…BE ENCOURAGED!

On this site, you will find some info on various online guitar lessons, so take your time and read through it now.

You also can find out more stuff by visiting me at:

Until next time,

This is John Courier.

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Thanks for visiting!

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