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Video Grabs Customers & Drags Them to your Business :)

Every business needs promotional videos… especially YOURS!

Why is that?

  • Video captures your customers’ attention, tells your story and highlights what you sell.
  • Video sets you apart from your competition, who would love to put you out of business.
  • Video also describes & sells your products & services for you like no other medium can.

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Simple Ways to Boost the Google Rankings for Your Business –

Simple Ways to Boost the Google Rankings for Your Business

Want more customers and clients? Aaaaand, can you honestly handle more sales in your business??

If so, then watch this ‘Short & Punchy Video’ and get ready to take immediate action.

Below are some simple ways that WE boost our own rankings on Google Search.

We do this with the sole purpose of getting more customers and clients.

YOU can do the same.


Just do what we have done…

♦  Our ‘Google My Business’ listing: we keep it up to date and add content every week.

♦  Customer & client reviews: We ask our happy clients to write a short 5-star review on our ‘Google My Business’ listing. We also reply to each one.

♦  ‘Short & Punchy’ Marketing Videos: we make them and upload them to Youtube, Vimeo and other video sites

♦  Our website: we take those same marketing videos and write a blog post around them on a weekly basis.

♦  Media exposure: we carefully craft content for our media contacts to give us massive global online exposure…and increased rankings.

♦  Our mailing list: We send emails out to our business contacts and direct them to our new online content. The more the merrier!

Do you need a ‘secret agent mission’ to boost your Google Search rankings?

Contact us for some advice, a free cup of tea and a chocolate donut.

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Thanks for reading,

Jerry Kuzma, Director

Perissos Group/Perissos Media

Why You Need Big EARS in Marketing – – Northern Ireland marketing agency

deer big ears-digital marketing agency northern irelandWhy you need big EARS in marketing….

Hey, Jerry Kuzma from Perissos Group, in a cold part of the UK.

Yes, it’s a busy day for you, so I’ll keep this brief.

One of the very practical lessons that I have learned in marketing–for both my clients and my own business is this:

You have to develop big ears.

We have to listen…very, very carefully…to the person or group that we are promoting ourselves to.

Now, I realise that this sounds just too simple, too basic and too child-like to post out to such knowledgeable professionals as your wonderful selves 🙂

However, I am reminded of this time and time again, as recently as yesterday.

Here is the principle:

If we start out with talking AT our prospects, with our heads and mouths filled with reasons why they should buy from us…

…we will most likely miss the vital CLUES of why they COULD buy from us.

If you talk at them, they will defend their position…and their expense account.

However, the key to mutual success is to listen more.

That means that you have to ask questions.

Yes, Jerry, I already know that I have to ask questions in order to determine the needs and wants of my prospect. Big deal.

Ouch….that was harsh! But at least I wrote it to myself, albeit on your behalf…..

However, I spend time asking questions, not just about the business needs of the prospect.

We have a good chat about loads of secondary or side issues as well.

(I have developed a healthy curiousity, birthed in my journalism background, which really helps with this point.)

Example:  the client mentions a new project that they are working on, one which is not directly related to the proposal at hand.

I  ask they to explain it to me. I ask about the impact on their bottom line, their workforce, their customers and that person’s actual workload.

Yes, it is not directly related, but I learn so much by simply asking and discussing their answers with them.

Somewhere in the midst of that side discussion (even if it is only 5 minutes long), some vital things happen:

  1. the prospect learns that I am NOT merely focused on making a sale.
  2. I demonstate that I am genuinely interested in the business as a whole, not just on the part I am selling to
  3. they get to see my gears turning (and smelling the smoke!), which shows that there is more brain up there than originally perceived (hopefully)
  4. I have the opportunity to uncover unexpected opportunities that I could possibly have a solution for (with a reasonable add-on sale in mind, of course)
  5. it builds a small amount of comradery during those few minutes of side discussion, because I am always looking for something that I can genuinely compliment in their business

If you have ask some questions, and you have your big ears on, you will hear SO MUCH that you would have ordinarily missed.

Got big ears? Then use them.

Got a burning question? Then message me and start a rousing conversation.

That’s all for today.

Have a brilliant day,

Jerry Kuzma


Perissos Group/Perissos Media

N Ireland, UK


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Video Marketing Agency Northern Ireland: Why I’m Making Loads of Videos

aurora 2Why I am making loads of videos for my business

Hello, and thanks for opening this short post.

Jerry Kuzma from Perissos Group and Perissos Media.

So, WHY am I doing many more videos for my business, more than ever before?

It is simple:   according to the latest research, VIDEO will make up approx 70% of internet content within 3-4 years.

So what, Jerry?” I hear you ask.

You will need to use video to reach new customers and clients, and the sooner you start, the better.

Read the reasons why below…..

~ Jerry K


Why Video Marketing?

Amazing Benefits for Offline and Online Businesses

Easy to Access:
People are now able to access videos with their mobiles and
smartphones. The audience from your niche market can see your videos from all
around the world. Because of this level of availability, you are able to reach your
potential buyers with your products and services.

Most of the people take interest in video to receive information
quickly. If you create an informative video, it will give you more targeted results.
If you present your product and services on video in an effective way, people will
want more from you.

You can use videos to provide your brand information, product
promotion, educating or training your clients and much more. You can use your
video on social sites like Facebook and Twitter but you have to be sure that your
website is connected with your social networking sites.

Brand Reputation:
People prefer to do business with those they trust. Video
helps prospects get to know you much more easily than ordinary words can, and
once they get to know you, they’ll hopefully learn to like and trust you, as well.

Low cost:
Video marketing is cheaper than other methods of advertising. When
you compare the cost of video with the value, you will find the expense is
minimum and the results are better. You have to create it once then it can be
viewed anytime and as many times as your audience may want.

Apart from the crowd:

Video marketing is easier and more affordable than ever
before, so including an engaging video on your website increases audience
awareness about your brand to set your company and the product apart from
the crowd. A video enables you to gain an extra edge over other marketers.

Product Demonstration with video is also the best way to
introduce your product to your audiences. Reviews, case studies, product
promotion videos and examples should be included in video to increase sales.

Emotional Influence:
The classic horror movie is a great example of how the
audio has an emotional effect on us. The creepy music comes in, immediately
cluing you in that something bad is about to happen. Now, imagine combining
that audio with powerful video cues to influence the emotions of the listener
and create a much more compelling message than with just text alone.

Go viral:
Today everyone wants to go viral. Audiences are always looking for viral
sensation. For your marketing you can create an awesome and buzzing video
explaining to them the uniqueness, benefits, and core values about your product
and services.

With all internet based businesses, personal connection with your
clients is the biggest selling factor in your niche market. When you are creating a
video for your potential buyers, you have to remind them that you care for
them. Nurturing your client with building and maintaining relationships takes
time but a video can do more in less time.

A wow factor with buzz:
Video adds a punch to your marketing that text
marketing can’t. If videos are impressive and effective, they provoke viewers in
such way not possible with text. When viewers find your video interesting or
useful, they show your video to others. This shows their interest in your product
and services.

People are watching 2 billion videos on YouTube alone. If you do not
market your business you will miss those 2 billion visitors. Google gives high
priority to rank YouTube videos in their search results. Video marketing provides
the best opportunity to reach millions of potential customers.

Real-time feedback and interaction:

People love to comment on videos, you can
learn about your customers that way. So you can decide for your next video
from the comments and response of the audience according to their need.

Soft selling:
you can create an informative video of your product and services
and include your message in video. When you upload a video online, it decreases
your efforts and increases your success rate. While viewers play your video it will
reveal the information and links with the message.

Doesn’t that list make you want to take action?
That is PRECISELY why I am taking action for my own business!

Do you want to see a demo video that we made for some of our clients?
Just go to our SUPPORT PAGE and ask me…

Have a brilliant day and a peaceful weekend,

Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Group & Perissos Media
N Ireland

Professional Speakers: How to Turn Your Talks into Promotional Books ~ Speakers: turn your talks into promotional books…!

Are you a professional speaker, teacher, trainer or religious leader? Here are 3 easy steps to turn your talks into books.

Step 1: record your message, either using a digital recorder, a smartphone or a recording device located at the sound desk.

Step 2: have that recording professionally transcribed into editable text, and then edit your text and add section headings

Step 3: Send that text file or MS Word document to the wonderful staff of Perissos Group, transforming it into a paperback

Simple! Get our FREE Amazon book on how to do this. Visit Thank you for visiting! (Next time, YOU can bring the donuts….)

Extremely sincerely,
Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Group/Perissos Media

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