Get More Clients Using Press Releases & Video Bulletins

Get More Clients Using Press Releases & Video Bulletins

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Here is a simple strategy for getting publicity and new clients every month.

If you find yourself “swimming with the sharks” in your niche or industry, then this article is for YOU.

You may already be feeling the ‘teeth’ of the competition. Don’t panic–you can do something about it. It is just going to take a bit of creativity on your part. Read on….

I want to give you a simple strategy for getting local and national publicity and new clients on a monthly basis.

8 Simple Steps

Here are the 8 steps to take, in simple bullet format:

1. Search the news for the hottest topic in your niche, market or geo-location.

2. Find a unique angle on that news topic and create a simple 5-point outline that covers it (intro, 3 points and a conclusion–along with your URL and a strong call-to-action)

3. create a 10-30 minute audio on the topic and upload it to cloud storage or a social platform

4. create a short post on your main website with a link to the audio content (or, better yet, embed it onto that post). This becomes your own personal ‘hot news story’ that you want to shout about this month.

5. create or order a professionally-written press release to announce your new, hot-off-the-press content; use it to boost your site’s search engine visibility (SEO) and to invite visitors to listen and partake of your expertise;

6. use a syndication service to share that press release to over 300 high-authority news sites, including Google News; also, send the press release to your local and regional news media for local impact

7. Rinse and repeat each month, focusing on the most news-worthy and problem-producing topics in your niche

8. Treat your news visitors and prospects with the utmost courtesy and professionalism…and enjoy more sales!


“But Jerry, aren’t press releases boring? 

Aren’t they usually ignored by intelligent people?”

No, not they way that WE use them.

They are amazingly effective to get new clients and customers.

Just ask me for proof.

Video Bulletins?

Yes, Betty. Video bulletins (or Vidbullets) are short and punchy news videos which showcase a newsworthy aspect or development in your business. A Vidbullet could showcase your newest product or service, a new geographical area that you serve or some other groovy-newsy aspect of your business or charity.

When combined with a press release, a Vidbullet takes on a new superpower for getting you more exposure and more clients from within Google Search results. Yahoo!

Want to see a sample or demo? Just ask me.

Not too Scary

Do you see how that will get you more visibility and more prospects for your business by following these strategies? It is not too scary, is it?

These steps are not very difficult to do, though you may personally feel challenged in the areas of time, tech, marketing savvy or grammar.

I understand completely.

3 Ways to Go

Here are your three options:

A. If you want to do it YOURSELF, then go for it—-start this week. Better still, start today.

B. If you DON’T want to do it yourself, then contact me immediately for a quote. Simply visit: and scream for help. “HELP ME!”

C. If you don’t want to take ANY action, then sit back and relax. Your competitors will take care of the rest….

If you are currently ‘”swimming with the sharks”, I suggest that you carry more than a business card and a website. This strategy will give you more fighting power, like Sheriff Brody in ‘Jaws’.

Now you know what to do–a simple strategy for creating valuable, attention-getting content on a monthly basis and using it to get big visibility, more prospects and more sales every month.

Don’t Wait!

If you have any questions, don’t wait. Go to our site and hit the SUPPORT tab and give me your full name, email, phone number and web address, as well as your goals for this coming year.

You need to take immediate action…before you start to feel the teeth….!

All the best,

Jerry Kuzma, Director

Perissos Group/Perissos Media

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