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Video Marketing: 10 Powerful Ways to Promote Your Business!

There are very few things as powerful in the online and offline business world as video marketing. Without a doubt, it has radically changed business life forever. . . and we are only getting started.

No matter what kind of business or charity that you operate, you can take advantage of this growing trend and grow your organization by leaps and bounds.

So, how can YOU put video to use in your marketing efforts?

Here is a small list, just to give you some ideas. After you read through these items, check out my comments at the bottom. This is just a sample of the ways that you can put video marketing to work for you.

Website Traffic

With the help of a video, you can capture people’s attention and then direct them to any website that you want to. That can be your homepage, a subscription form, a salespage or any specific page on your site.

You can even place a list of useful URL’s where people can get further information on the topic in your video.

Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketers, bloggers and many small business owners use video to direct people straight to affiliate offers by using a personalized affiliate URL, so that they can earn commissions for any sale generated.

Something commonly used is a URL shortener like and to make their ugly and strange-looking URL appear much friendlier to visitors.

CPA Marketing

As with affiliate marketing, Internet marketers use videos to direct people straight to CPA (cost-per-action) offers by using a personalized affiliate URL, so they can make commissions for any action taken by the visitor. These actions could be submitting a postal code, submitting an email address or taking a free trial of a product or service.

Lead Generation

Video marketing is an potent way to build your subscriber or prospect list. You generate leads by sending people to a landing page or  squeeze page where people can submit their email address in exchange for something they are interested in. You can offer a free video, a report, software, a recorded training or a webinar.


You can’t provide a personal training for every new employee or even customer that comes to your company, so video is the easiest and best way to achieve this. It saves you time and money, because you don’t have to pay again and again for the same training to be delivered. When people need to know how to use a product or service, there is no better way for this than video.


Webinars are one of the greatest ways to generate sales on the web by selling high-priced training courses. The live presenter shows how the product or service works, and he shows some proof of the benefits that the visitor can enjoy. Then after a live demonstration and a question-and-answer session, the presenter gives an opportunity for visitors to purchase the product. This often leads to a more interactive audience and a higher conversion rate for the promotion.

Customer Service

Video is also useful for teaching your employees ‘how to treat your customers’. You have to create a step-by-step video to make them understand the importance of customer’s problems and solutions for each of them. This will increase your employee’s work efficiency.

You can even create specialized training videos that address common problems that your customers may experience. In this way, video can help to reduce your customer service costs and the number of customer complaints.


You may have some very important updates on a specific part of your business. You can just create a few videos on that topic and distribute them to your customers, staff or managers.

Internet marketers will occasionally launch a subsequent version of an existing product, and they use video to accomplish this. They can update some videos or create new ones so that the customers receive the most up-to-date information and training available. Video makes this process much easier.


If you visit every salespage on the web, at least 7 out of 10 of them will have a video on the top of it. Videos grab the visitors’ attention very quickly and they communicate the whole sales message in a very efficient manner. People love to see videos, so if the video is interesting enough, they will watch it until the end.

Upsell Offers

Similar to their use on salespages, videos are commonly used on upsell offers (ie an offer that is presented after the customer has purchased an initial offer). The upsell offer video can be a lot shorter than the front-end offer because not as much convincing may be necessary on this offer. The ease of delivery and the additional sales make upsell videos a valuable tool in any marketing strategy.

Next step

If you want to see how a simple 60-second video can get you MORE clients and customers, then you need to take the next logical step.

Contact us via our SUPPORT PAGE at and request a free 15-minute  consultation. We will arrange a phone or Skype call where you can get all of your questions answered, whether on video marketing or on our other products or services.

Don’t let this valuable tool slip past you. Take the next step and begin to put video to work for your business or charity!

~ Jerry Kuzma, Director, Perissos Media

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