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video marketingGet More Clients: How to Leap from Obscurity to Prominence!

If you are looking to get more prospective clients, customers or patients into your business, then the details of this consultation may give you some ideas and strategies for gaining more prominence in your own local marketplace

You know that your marketplace is competitive enough, even at the best of times. How much more challenging would it be if no one knew where to find you? Obscurity can starve you out of business!

Case study: Meet Jim the architect

I recently met with a local architect who had asked for a consultation (let’s call him Jim). He had a new website built by a friend of his, but the site had no presence on Google at all. Jim wanted some input on how to get more clients using his site.

As I had previously hired Jim to design an extension for my house, I was very familiar with his character and the quality of his work.

I started my research by searching in Google for his primary search term: ‘[city] architect’. I also used various tools to analyze both his site and his name in terms of SEO (search engine optimization).

It turned out that Jim’s name, business name and website were suffering from extreme obscurity. If someone was looking for an architect in his local area, they would need a bloodhound and a GPS tracker to find him, because Google didn’t have much information on him!

I also researched his competition in the local area. One competing architect was sitting on top of the first page of Google with an older site that was not mobile-friendly or recently updated. The SEO metrics for the competitor’s site told me that it wouldn’t be very difficult to unseat it from that prime location. That spells opportunity for my client.

Battle plan

So, after careful research and a few cups of tea, I could see that Jim needed a 4-step strategy to move from obscurity to prominence in his local market, addressing both his immediate and long-term needs. I compiled my notes as well as screenshots of all the vital information that he needed to see during his consultation.

Of course, it was foremost in my mind that the BIG issue was to explain these complex market principles in very simple language. We all hate it when someone uses a load of jargon and expects us to understand it all perfectly. So, clarity and a methodical approach were the keys to success that day.

I showed Jim the search results for both his name and his business name. It was clear that his competitor had the no.1 spot in Google and his website was nowhere to be found in that search. We also talked about non-Google ways to reach his target market, which included all the builders, structural engineers and housing associations in his region.

4 steps to local prominence

Here are the 4 steps that I suggested to my client. (See if any of these fit with your current situation.)

Month 1: immediate presence on the first page of Google search

– create a Google Plus (Google My Business) page for the business, and link it to your existing website. This will facilitate ranking in top spots in Google search via video marketing.

– Use his existing customer reviews as scripts for the production of promotional videos, using voiceover talent and customer photos where necessary.

– ‘Super-optimize’ these videos for high ranking on YouTube and Google search, inserting his web address in the video description. This leads visitor to the website and also boosts the site’s SEO metrics and search ranking.

– syndicate the videos to 100+ social networks and web 2.0 properties to maximize search results.

These promotional activities can create a solid, almost-instant presence on Google search well within the first month.

Month 2: Build online visibility for greater exposure

– register the business on 100+ citation sites, such as Yelp, Yell and other business directory sites. This adds authority to your site’s domain name and creates additional listings for Google search.

– Jim didn’t set up a Facebook page or Twitter profile for his business yet, so those were the next step. That opens the opportunity for using highly-targeted ads on those networks in order to reach prospects.

– place the business web address on ALL of its social media profiles.

Month 3: Build online and local reputation

– rewrite his site’s content to be more inviting, exciting and engaging to visitors and prospective customers

– Jim needs to start writing short articles on very specific topics that are highly relevant to his visitors, having an average of 500 words or more. Each of these articles can be submitted to local media or syndicated to online networks to build his reputation. They can also be posted to LinkedIn to shout his expertise to a professional audience.

Month 4+: Grown local reputation via content, media and publishing

– have professionally-written press releases created and distributed regionally to keep you in public eye

– compile ten of last month’s articles into an ebook and give that valuable asset to anyone and everyone who will receive it. Use it to build a list of targeted prospects and contacts.

– use a professional email marketing service (such as Aweber) to create a mailing list and optin form for your website. Use it to contact your list 2-4 times per month, to maintain exposure and promote your activities.

– create an optimized page on your website for EVERY town, city and village that you want to target. Promote those individual pages using videos, press releases and mailing list posts.

– many of these activities can be repeated on a monthly basis, so that your business builds and maintains your online and local prominence.

Local takeaways

Can you see the logical approach and logical flow of the solution? What can you draw from this to boost your own prominence in your local market?

  1. Grab some immediate exposure in Google search with a ‘super-optimized’ video on YouTube.

Videos, by their very nature, gain more attention in search results than mere text listings, as the video’s thumbnail image stands out like a red flag in Google search. So, that is a good reason to have promotional videos made for your business or charity.

You may find that there is a lot of competition in search for your main keyword, including the promotional videos of your competitors. This is why I suggest uploading your videos as live events in YouTube. You should also place your website’s full web address in the video description, in order to boost exposure of your website in search.

  1. Get your web address onto as many directory sites as possible. Don’t rely on only one or two listings–the more, the merrier.
  2. Turn your expertise into articles or audio recordings and get them out there for the public to read or listen to. Turn them into simple videos to demonstrate how knowledgeable and brilliant you really are!

Your turn

You can do that, can’t you? Yes, of course you can.

If you follow this advice, you will start to climb out of relative obscurity in your local market and carve out a more prominent position in the eyes of your prospective clients. You can hire some reliable, responsible people in your area to carry out these vital steps for you.

If you want to a customized 4-step solution for YOU and your growing business, then start a conversation with me by visiting

My final piece of advice is this: STAND up, SHOUT your message and begin to CARVE out a prominent place for yourself in your local marketplace!

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