Your Eyes Are Backwards!

northern ireland marketing consultant-eyes backwards

Yes, that’s right… An estimated 98.6% of business owners have marketing materials that could actually scare away their potential customers or clients. Are YOU one of them?? Take a deep breath and listen to this less-than-5-minute podcast that will have your eyeballs rolling around in your head. (Hopefully, they will end up in the right […]

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How Well Do Your Prospects KNOW You??

get more clients - wild hair man

Hey, Jerry Kuzma here. I’m just about ready to shut down for the night… …but I wanted to shoot you a quick post to help you to get more clients. (I also want to give you a FREE book, at the end of this brief article.) If you are a financial adviser, mortgage adviser, marketing […]

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Boring, or Free Cookies? It’s your choice….

Boring, or Free Cookies? It’s your choice…. BORING? Boring headlines, boring websites, boring titles for your books, boring articles…. …NONE of these will make YOUR business stand out. You need to do something a bit CREATIVE in order to SHOUT your message to your prospects. If you don’t want your prospects and new customers to […]

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