“I can’t find your business….”

“I can’t find your business….” Have you ever had someone ask you that question? Perhaps a person who was looking for what you offer was on their phone. They pulled up Google. They opened up Google Assistant and said (or just typed into the browser): “Find a [your business type] near me.”    [example: “Find a […]

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Your Eyes Are Backwards!

northern ireland marketing consultant-eyes backwards

Yes, that’s right… An estimated 98.6% of business owners have marketing materials that could actually scare away their potential customers or clients. Are YOU one of them?? Take a deep breath and listen to this less-than-5-minute podcast that will have your eyeballs rolling around in your head. (Hopefully, they will end up in the right […]

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The Power of Pure Enthusiasm!

The Power of Pure Enthusiasm! If you want to achieve EXCELLENCE in your business, charity or organization, then put down your donut and learn a lesson from a man called Frank Bettger. Bettger wrote a book in 1947 titled, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. Now this is a sales book, […]

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How to Transform 250 People’s Lives in Ten Minutes

How to transform 250 people’s lives in ten minutes…. Good morning, sunshine! Jerry Kuzma here–with something rather ‘backwards’. Yes, backwards. Think about the word ‘backwards’ for a moment. When you walk backwards, you are STILL moving forwards… …you are just facing in a very different direction. Isn’t that true? Or is it just silly talk? […]

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