Here is a list of the primary services that we provide:


  • Promotional books: creation of a paperback book that you can use to promote your business, your charity or your own personal brand. It starts with a series of highly-structured, recorded interviews with you…resulting in a professional book that can be sold or given away to your prospects, customers, clients or followers.
  • Publishing services: start-to-finish or a la cart service to take your manuscript to a global market. Only certain markets and niches are serviced by us, so contact us with details of your project.
  • Speech-to-Print: Listen….professional speakers should record EVERY message that they deliver, so that you can put your best presentations into print form as networking or marketing tools.
  • Low-cost booklets:  turn your event program, conference booklet, product guide, instruction manual, promotional literature or thank you gift into a professional, high-perceived-value 24-page booklet. Get attention and boost your brand!

Lead Generation

  • Full copywriting service:  if you are using words to invite and sell to customers, then have those words professionally crafted in order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing pursuits. A clearly defined marketing message is ESSENTIAL to your success. Ask us about crafting one for your project…
  • Press release service :   use the power of media and Google News to promote your events, new products or services, and get a measurable boost in search engine rankings. Tell us about what you want to promote…
  • Promotional book strategies:  we have a dozen ways of using books to gain attention, time, money and customers. Just ask us how…
  • Facebook advertising:   don’t waste your money and time. Use FB in a SMART way to grab the attention of your target market and compel them to take immediate action towards your business or organization. Ready to listen?
  • Youtube strategies:  we have 5 ways to use this powerful medium to bring in more customers and clients…and you do NOT have to get in front of your smart phone to do it. (However, we might just force you to…)
  • Google visibility strategies:  some of the above strategies will boost your search engine presence, which can bring you more clients and customers. If this is of interest, then hit the SUPPORT tab…

Email Marketing


  • set-up of a customized lead generation and follow-up system
  • build a solid, profitable relationship with your prospects, clients and customers
  • content creation and scheduling service
  • creation of giveaway books as an incentive to your prospects
  • ongoing coaching and consulting to boost ROI

Video/Audio Marketing

  • video creation and optimization
  • script writing and copywriting service
  • audio interviews and audio production: turn your weekly audio content into a tool to engage your prospects or clients


  • receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly support on any area of the services that we provide.

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