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Whether you are interested in promoting your BUSINESS, your MESSAGE or YOURSELF, Perissos Media has a solution for you.

We can help you to create, publish and market your materials, in a variety of written, audio and video formats, for both regional and global distribution.

We can also help you to publish books to help you to build your BRAND–to find and engage new customers, to enhance your local or regional expertise and status, or to open doors for speaking engagements. This is all possible without the huge capital investment previously associated with publishing and marketing.

Publishing your own book gives you Instant EXPERT Status in your sphere of influence…there is nothing else like it!

By working with our team, you will discover how EASY it is to write a book, create a corresponding audio product, convert it into a video training package or home study course and distribute them in both physical and digital formats to multiple sales channels across the globe.

The GOAL is to create both massive influence and additional streams of passive revenue for you and your business or organization.

EVERYONE is an expert in some arena, and publishing your book will give you instant STATUS in your circle of influence. Contact Perissos Media for help in getting your message out and build your brand as well as your regional or global reach.

Previous CLIENTS include:  international music publishers, financial advisors, int’l charity directors, home health care profiders, professional speakers, authors, business consultants, book distributors, charitable organizations, audio equipment distributors, horticultural firms, musicians and songwriters.

Some of our previous publishing and promotional work includes:  marketing training for new authors, music and video production, social media marketing, interviewing and publishing for business owners, email marketing training, direct sales and promotion at events and ghostwriting services.

If you want to publish the WEALTH of your experience or talent with a GREATER audience, then contact us NOW for a free initial consultation.

CLICK on the CONTACT tab and tell us how we can help you.

We are WAITING to hearing from you…


The Support Team, Perissos Media


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