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8 Simple Steps for Writing a Kindle Book to Promote Your Business

Even if you are not an author or online publisher, you CAN write your own book to publish on Amazon Kindle. You can also use that published book in a number of ways to promote your business or charity…and believe me, it work wonders!

Being an Amazon author also gives you a measure of credibility that many of your competitors do NOT have. It definitely gives you an edge over them, especially since you can drop the ‘Amazon’ name in your communications with prospects and clients.

When we publish books that are used primarily to promote someone’s business, we use the term ‘promotional books’.

How do you write a promotional book to publish for Amazon Kindle? Let me show you.

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Below are eight easy steps that will guide you in writing your own book for Amazon Kindle.

1. Choose a category

Picking a category for your new title will guide in the development of your book. This step is very crucial, so you have to ensure that you choose a category which is based on your likes, hobbies, principles, and passion. Since we are talking about a how-to book, pick out a topic which genuinely interests you. For example, you can write about how to master the art of public speaking, how to help save the environment in your own way, how to manage time effectively, etc. Current non-fiction trends on Amazon show that readers have varied interests, but they tend to favor books in the areas of health, wealth and relationships.

2. Write an outline

The outline will serve as your blueprint as you write the book. Write all the ideas that you have and arrange them in a logical and interesting flow. If you will write about how to master the art of public speaking, make sure that you cover all the areas that you need—proper posture, phonetic sounds, useful tips, etc.

3. Start writing

You are writing an e-book, so make sure that you use a word processor. You can use Microsoft Word, which is found on most computers and laptops. This program has an automatic spell and grammar check, to give you a more professional manuscript. It also shows the word count as you write the book.

4. Write an introduction

The introduction sets the tone of the book and gives the reader an idea of how the book will turn out. Make sure to make it interesting. Quotations, anecdotes, and questions can increase the interest of the readers. The introduction can be a two paragraph section explaining the importance of your book and thanking the readers for spending their time and money on your book.

5. Work on each chapter

The chapters of your book should reflect the ideas that you have written in your outline. The how-to book is generally shorter than novels and fictional works, so you can allot three to five pages per chapter. Make sure that you have discussed all your main points in the chapters of your book.

6. End the book with a good conclusion

The conclusion signifies the end of the book. It is shorter than the introduction and most books have only one paragraph for their conclusion. Here, you will sum up all your points and possibly thank the reader again for investing in your creation.

7. Read your book and edit it

Once you are done with the writing process, it is now time to read your book and do some revisions. Microsoft Word may alert you if there are errors but it is important to check for spelling and grammar mistakes manually. You can edit your book in terms of its flow, tense, approach, and treatment of the subject matter.

8. Edit your book again

Proofreading and editing your book is a very important step in the bookmaking process, so it should be done more than once. After the first revision, put the book down, do something else, and get back to it at a later time. This will give you the chance to read your book with a fresh mind and viewpoint. If you have a friend who can help you make your book better, you can ask him for some input.  You can edit your book again and again until you become happy with the result of your hard work.

These eight easy steps will guide you in writing your own how-to book to publish on Kindle. Once you are finished with the final revision, you will be ready to upload your book to the Amazon website, following their step-by-step process. Amazon will convert your book into a Kindle-ready format and after 24 hours it will be added to their product list.

Are you ready to start writing and publishing Kindle books?

You can try to do it yourself, or you can get some expert help to get the job done.

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We look forward to serving you,

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