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get more clients - wild hair manHey, Jerry Kuzma here. I’m just about ready to shut down for the night…

…but I wanted to shoot you a quick post to help you to get more clients.

(I also want to give you a FREE book, at the end of this brief article.)

If you are a financial adviser, mortgage adviser, marketing consultant, coach, trainer or other professional, then here is something that you already know:

>>>> people buy from others that they know, like and trust.

If you take one of those words out of the equation, then your chances of success go down accordingly.

If they know you, but they don’t trust you yet, then you have some work to do before you try to gain them as a client or customer.

If they have gotten to know you but they don’t like you, then chances are just about zero!

Know, like and trust.

Now put down that sandwich……………….and stop and think for a moment.

How can you help that one prospect to get to KNOW you better?

How can you help them to LIKE you a bit more?

In what way can we help them to TRUST you more?

(      Notice that I said ‘…help them to…’ trust you more.     )

Your prospective clients need your help.

Does that make sense?

Does that TURN this prospecting thing around a bit?

Your prospective clients or customers don’t KNOW what a great person you are.

They have not had the chance to get to LIKE you.

They need a bit of help to build the TRUST that is necessary to do business with you.

They need help, and you and I are the ones who can help them.

They don’t know what they are missing by not being your client, do they?

Then, Betty, let’s help them.

Change your mindset towards one that is looking to HELP them to get to know you and what you do.

That is, very simply, what great marketing is: helping the person who actually needs your stuff to get to know and like you more…

…….enough to trust you and spend with you.

Isn’t that a different way of thinking about your marketing and promotional activities?

Yes, that’s it. We are starting to see it differently now, aren’t we?

In the coming days, I want to talk to you more about ways that you can HELP your ideal client or customer to get to know, like and trust you more…so that you can get more clients.

Stay tuned and watch for my next few posts and articles. Alternatively, don’t read them. 🙂

But if you DO read them, I promise to help you to help them to spend with you. That means more clients and customers for you.

Have a wildly peaceful evening,

Jerry Kuzma, Director

Perissos Group/Perissos Media

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