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New video on ‘How to Get More Clients’…and chocolate…

get more clients with chocolate...Hello, and thanks for opening this short post.

        [“But who are you?”]

This is Jerry Kuzma, Director of Perissos Group and Perissos Media in N Ireland. We help you to Get More Clients.

        [“And why are you writing this to me?   And why are my inner thoughts printed in this post??”]

You would have downloaded a free report or bought one of our products in the past…or we may be new to you…

…and I just wanted to touch base with you.

        [“So, why should I NOT close this post right away?”]

We are about to start producing a series of FB Live videos on some ‘crisp and crunchy’ marketing topics….

…to help you to GET MORE CLIENTS and customers into your business.

        [“OK, videos. OK, more clients. That’s got my attention…but what’s ‘crisp and crunchy’ all about?”]

I know that it sounds like your favourite breakfast cereal, but keep an eye out and watch for this series of videos.

I will keep you posted by email…..if you subscribe using the link below.

But please, keep your eye in…….you look better that way!

        [“Yeah, now IF I want to read more about you, where should I look?”]

You can read more about what we do by going here:

        [“And what if I want to unsubscribe from your mailing list?”]

By the way, you CAN unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of our emails…

…but then you will MISS OUT on both the chocolate and the most powerful marketing advice I can find for you.       

        [“OK, that’s fair enough. I MIGHT even read the rest of this email…..”]

Thanks again,

Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Media
Co Tyrone, N Ireland, UK

P.S.  I may occasionally mention chocolate…….

        [“That’s alright….I can put up with that….”]


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