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A unique way to GRAB the attention of your prospects….

get more clients with audioI just wanted to write a very short post to stir up your attention, your creativity and your business vision….

….but I sent you a hamster instead!

But seriously, one of the ways that I am grabbing the attention of my prospects is with something a bit unique:


No, it is not entirely unique in the great big marketing world, but it certainly IS unique in a number of niches.

(I am going to be recording a short audio on this very subject, so watch for it…)

Here are three reasons why YOU should use audio to GRAB the attention of your prospects.

1. IDENTITY:  Audio helps you to to more clearly communicate who you are, why you do what you do in your business, and why you love your customers and clients.

(Yes, I said ‘love’.  One of my mentors taught on this subject 12 months ago…..why we should care about our customers as though they are members of our own families!)

When you audibly show your own personality and character, it will grab the attention of your audience. They will get to know YOU.

2. DIFFERENTIATION:  A short, punchy audio can be used to make YOU stand out from your competitors.

Take that sense of ‘YOU’ and make it stand out from the others.

Even if you sell similar products or services to 100 others in your niche or area, you can use short audio recordings to add spice and real humanity to your offerings.

3.  URGENCY:  When you use your voice as the medium to communicate, you have the ability to add emotion, inflection, passion and energy to your marketing message.

When you use those correctly, you can instill that vital sense of urgency….why your prospect should stop the whole world and contact you RIGHT NOW!

Text-based content can only do that to a certain point, but audio-based content can achieve those results quite easily.

Short enough?

Does that make you want to learn a bit more about using audio to grab your customers (without getting arrested)?

Great…..I hope that you secretly said ‘yes’.

If you like this idea, or you have a comment or question, send me a note on our SUPPORT page: .

Let me finish the short audio on the subject, and I will post the link to it in a day or so.

In the meantime, have a brilliant weekend,

Jerry Kuzma

N Ireland

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