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How to transform 250 people’s lives in ten minutes….

Good morning, sunshine! Jerry Kuzma here–with something rather ‘backwards’.

Yes, backwards.

Think about the word ‘backwards’ for a moment.

When you walk backwards, you are STILL moving forwards…
…you are just facing in a very different direction.

Isn’t that true?

Or is it just silly talk?

(Well, it could be both, so read on…..)

If you really want to build the reach of your business or charity or social service work, then you need to look at things differently.

Even backwards.

In your business, you could transform ONE PERSON’S LIFE, one at a time, every working day.

Do the maths:    you work 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year. That’s 250 work days per year.

What if you aimed at picking just one person every day and doing something:

  • unusual,
  • over-the-top,
  • extraordinary, or
  • really, really kind for that one person.

It would only take ten minutes to do this.

Pick one of your clients, one of your prospects, one of your supporters or one of your service users.

If you took just ten minutes to:

  • write that one person an encouraging email,
  • post him a short note on an index card,
  • phone and check how she is and how the family is,
  • give him a free sample or free book.

Don’t do any of this to GET more sales.

Do it just to be kind or thoughtful.

Do it to give away something for free….with no strings attached.

Would it encourage someone?
Would it make them feel as though your work or charity is NOT all that you live for?
Could it change that person’s life, just for one day?
Would it build trust, loyalty or better relations with your clients, tribe or service users?


If you want to build trust, you cannot demand it.

You must give the other person a GOOD REASON to trust you.

Kindness and consideration are key ways to do this.

It’s ‘backwards’, but it is an amazing thing to do in your daily life.

It ends up being a GREAT investment in the lives of those who pay your wages, directly or indirectly.

>>>>>>>  If this hits home with you, send me a message using the CONTACT FORM on this page and tell me how you are going to reach out to your tribe or clients today.

I want to hear from you.

Be encouraged, and look for my next post.

Have a brilliant day,

Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Group/Perissos Media
N Ireland

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