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The Power of Pure Enthusiasm!

If you want to achieve EXCELLENCE in your business, charity or organization, then put down your donut and learn a lesson from a man called Frank Bettger.

Bettger wrote a book in 1947 titled, How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling. Now this is a sales book, but the first chapter is about his career as a minor-league baseball player. (Talk about career change!)


Major Setback

So in 1908, he’s playing in the minor leagues. He was 19-years-old, and he wanted to make it to the major league. One day, the manager calls him in the office, saying, “Hey, Frank. I hate to do this to you, but I’m cutting you from the team.” Bettger said, “What do you mean you’re cutting me from the team?” His manager said, “Well, let me ask you a question. Why do you drag yourself around the field like a lazy old man?”

Well, Frank got the message, and he decided that, no matter where he would play next, nobody would ever accuse him of being lazy. His next job was in the lowest of the low minor leagues. He was making $175/month with the first team. Now he’s down to $25/month, but he said, “I can’t hit better. I can’t throw better. I can’t run faster, but I am going to act like a man electrified. Nobody is ever going to accuse me of being lazy again.”

As soon as he got on the field, he was totally, totally into it. The newspaper writers started calling him “Pep Bettger” because he pepped up the whole team, and Frank said he learned a secret. He was previously acting laid back, because he thought that acting laid back would calm his fears. He said that’s exactly wrong. He said that when he started ACTING with more enthusiastic, it was that that overcame his fears.

Big Discovery

What happened was he made his way up to the major leagues, and he became the third baseman for the St Louis Cardinals. He  attributed it all to acting “as if”, meaning, ‘as if’ he was the most powerful player on the field. He didn’t think about energy–he TOOK ACTION with energy. He learned that your actions change your attitude.

One day, he was playing third base. He gets a regular ground ball towards him, he throws it to the first baseman, and he wrenches his arm–and his career is over. So here’s an uneducated guy whose career is over in baseball, and he is still a young guy, so he went into sales. However, he was horrible at sales.

Then one day, he had a revelation. He said, “Wait a second. I’m making the same mistake I made when I was in the minor leagues. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to act as if I’m the world’s most enthusiastic salesperson. I’m not going to know any more tomorrow. I’m not going to be more trained. I’m just going to act AS IF.”


From that moment on, he made it to the top of his company. He became a trainer. He became a professional speaker. His book, if you read the back cover, quotes Dale Carnegie as saying that it was the best sales book ever written (up to that point, at least).

The whole transformation happened because he acted AS IF he was the most powerful person in his field.

It was attitude + action = wild success.

BIG Question for YOU

The big question is this:  how would YOUR life be changed or transformed if YOU dug down inside yourself and acted out of pure ENTHUSIASM?

You may be facing similar obstacles or challenges that Frank Bettger faced; perhaps yours are worse.

However, you have the same power of choice that he had.

I challenge you…..right now… start to ACT with max enthusiasm.

Take action. Let that action, charged with the power of pure enthusiam, propel you to the successful business that you are aiming for.

Tell me how it goes for you; I would love to hear your story.

Have a brilliant, enthusiastic day,

Jerry Kuzma









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