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Lead Generation Using Your Promotional Book!

get more clients - lead generation bookOne of the great benefits of having your own book is that it gets people’s attention.

Whether it’s an actual, physical book in front of them, or you’re speaking to someone and tell them you are the author of a book, or you have that book for sale some place, it gets people’s attention.

The ability of getting someone’s attention is absolutely priceless when you’re trying to get your message out to your target market. In this section, we’re going to talk about lead generation and using the book to generate leads for your business or charitable work.

What is lead generation?

Now, before we go any further, I will need to point out that the term ‘lead generation’ is one that we use in business all the time, and you may or may not be familiar with it. Lead generation, very simply, means getting someone’s attention so that you could lead them to your products and services.

For instance, let’s say that you’re a business owner and you are behind the counter at your own shop, and a smiley salesperson comes in, says hello and hands you his business card. He tells you something about his business, because he is looking to generate a lead for himself. He wants to get your attention to see if you’re interested in his products and services.

You may be a business owner and you get a flyer in your door or a letter in the mail that is advertising someone’s products and services. They do that for the purpose of getting your attention and, hopefully, getting your information. They would consider that a lead.

Lead generation for charities

If you manage a charity, lead generation may simply mean getting the attention of people who may be interested in your charity. A charity is always looking to get the attention of people who could benefit or could support that charity work. Any way you look at it, we’re talking about lead generation—getting people’s attention and leading them to your products and services.

When you have your own book written, you have an asset that will benefit the end user. Isn’t that right? If we write a book that is very compelling and very intelligent and helpful to people, it is something that they need to know about, isn’t it?

Your own promotional book is a container of benefits. The information is a container of benefits that the end user can benefit from. However, the problem is that they need to know that your book exists. To get the benefits, they have to get that book into their hands.

Here’s another example: if you own a shop that has the greatest prices, the loveliest interior and the most helpful sales assistants, but you are out in the middle of the wilderness and no one knows about you, you will not make any sales. Why? Because customers need to know that you exist, where you are located and how to get there.

If you have one of those businesses where you just set up and no one knows who you are, where you are and what you sell, you need to generate leads, you need to get their attention. They can either visit your shop, your website, or make contact through your mailing list. They need to connect with you.

Establish authority in your marketplace

Having a book is one of the key ways in establishing authority in the marketplace and generating leads for yourself. By having some of your best information put into book form and distributed to end users, you are using a hands-on tool to move them closer to doing business with you.

Your promotional book can be advertised and sold or given away to end users, or the book can be promoted through the media via through press releases to grab local or regional attention. You book helps to get your message out to people so they can get interested in you, or your business, or your coaching consultancy or charitable work. That book reaches out to make contact with them, so that they can purchase something from you or benefit from your charity. A good promotional book can be a hard-working marketing agent.

Practical examples

There are a number of different ways to generate leads using a book, but let’s look at a very practical example that every business, trainer, coach, teacher, public speaker, politician or religious leader can do in order to get people interested in their work.

By having a book created for yourself with some of your most vital, most important information, you are actually launching a ‘secret weapon’. That book can travel further than you can. It can move faster than you can, because a 5×8-inch book is both small and replicable; that small paperback can be posted and shipped around the world faster than you can, and it can travel in many different directions at the same time.

It can go to the farthest corners of the earth, and someone can read it and benefit from its information without you being there—while generating leads and warm prospects for your business. It does the talking for you, prompting the reader to seek more information on what you have to offer.

As far as lead generation, you can generate leads from all over the world using a book. If your target market is more local, it can reach a highly targeted market in your area.

Real world value

Also, you can produce something that can be given away as a free gift to interested parties—not  a promotional pen or hat or coffee cup, but something with tangible value. It gets your message out in front of people who are all interested. You get the chance to take your information and put it right before their eyes, in physical form, right there in front of them. You have their attention, giving you the opportunity to get them interested in your business or your charitable organization.

You have a much better chance with a book than you do with a flyer or a brochure. The very fact that you have a solid book, even a paperback that is 100 pages and 1 centimeter thick, gets their attention. It has substance, it has weight, it has what we call ‘perceived value’. It is a look and a feel that says that it is worth MUCH MORE than a paper brochure.

Again, let’s go back to our example of being a shop owner. You have three smiling salesmen standing in front of you: one hands you a business card, the second one hands you a brochure, and the third one hands you a physical book which details their experience, expertise and solutions to your problems. Which one has more value to you? Which is demonstrating more value to meet your needs? Which is more likely to get an appointment with the shop owner?

That’s obvious. The book has much more perceived value. It looks like it costs something to create, publish and deliver—much more than a business card or brochure.

Make a HUGE impression!

That’s why many marketing firms and business growth experts refer to your own  book as the ULTIMATE BUSINESS CARD. It does so much more than a business card can do. You can only put so many words on that business card, but a book can tell your whole story. It grabs the  attention and has a better chance of generating leads for your organization than any other medium that can be put in the hands of the prospect.

For first impressions, lasting impressions and the best chance of generating a new customer, I would pick a well-presented book over any other media—any day of the week.

Stop and think for a moment. Ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to make a lasting impression on?
  • Which decision maker do I REALLY need to reach?
  • Which prospects are on the fence and need a well-positioned yet polite ‘push’ to make a commitment?
  • Which of my prospects have plenty of money and genuine reasons to buy, but are short on time for an appointment with me?
  • Would I give away a $3 book in order to land a $100-$10,000 client?

Yes, you want to generate leads, but you also have to stand out in the crowd.

Let’s look at that topic next in our next article.

In the meantime, if you want to find out more about getting YOUR OWN promotional book created for you, then send me a message via our SUPPORT PAGE:

~ Jerry Kuzma




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