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How to Get More Clients Using the Power of ‘FREE’!

get more clients - cityscapeIf you are looking to build your customer or client base and increase your monthly income, then pay careful attention to this article. To build your following fast, you need to use the power of ‘free’.

One of the most powerful ways to attract the attention of prospective customers or clients is to offer them a free gift. It will accomplish three very potent goals in your relationship with your prospect.

Step Out

First, it proactively establishes goodwill with your new contact. Instead of asking them to make the first move, you offer them a free stack of value, even before they visit or contact you. This demonstrates to your prospect you generosity, since you are giving before you receive anything from the working relationship.

The bigger the perceived value of the gift, the more goodwill that it ‘purchases’ in the eyes of the prospect. In the customer’s eyes, a free book has more value than a free booklet. A sample bootle of your motor oil has a higher perceived value than a discount coupon for the same item. A free consultation to a highly-targeted prospect is worth more than a free article on your website.

Stand Out

Secondly, it tends to warm your prospect to the thought of doing business with you. If your prospect has talked to four sales reps in a row but you were the only one to give them a gift, they will remember that gift more than the smiles and empty handshakes of your competitors. You have experienced being on the receiving end of this, so you know how it makes the sales process easier.

Demonstating that initial goodwill will set you miles apart from your competitors, many of which are still trying to go about it using the cheap route. Set yourself apart and offer them something of value.

Lasting Impression

Thirdly, if you create the right gift, it can help to do the selling for you long after your time with the prospect is over. Think about creating a paperback, a digital report or an audio CD and using one of those as a free gift for your prospects. Not only will those information products have a higher perceived value, but they can also be used to educate and excite your prospect.

More and more businesses and professional are using information products to get a foot in the door with their prospects, as those gifts help to move their new contact closer to a sale. For example, if you were comsidering three different financial advisers and one of them hands you their paperback, you would tend to take it home are read through parts of it. You might find that it answers seven of your top ten questions or objections, making you more confident in hiring that particular adviser. That is the power of giving away your book for free.

The more that you can engage with your new contact, demonstrate your generosity and draw them into your influence, the more effective your promotional activities will be. It will absolutely revolutionize your business growth–thanks to the power of ‘free’.

~ Jerry Kuzma

Director, Perissos Media

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