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Get More Clients: How I Extract Your Brain and Send it to Your Prospects!

get more clients - interviewsThere are a number of ways to produce content for your first book or your next book. I will be the first one to say that this particular method, while it is easier to execute, requires more trust on your part.

Why is that? It’s because someone else has to interview YOU.

Now, let’s say that there’s someone that you work with, one of your employees or a friend or family member who has a  background in sales or public speaking or journalism. They would probably be well equipped to interview you, ie to ask a series of set question that you give to them on a piece of paper. They will ask you follow-up questions, and that would probably do the job. However, you may not have access to someone like that.

Go Solo

In that case, the very least that you can do is to hand them a piece of paper and write specifically what you want them to say. That way, it’s not left to their own creativity or intuitiveness—they can simply read off the sheet and you can record yourself answering. If you have to, you can write questions for yourself, and then you ask yourself your own questions

However, many people find it easier to talk out loud to another person, whether they are on the phone and the call is recorded, or you talk to them through Skype or a teleconference service and record the content that way.

By whatever means it’s done, many people find it easier to talk to another human being during the recording. So, in that case, you just furnish the questions you want to be asked, have them record the question, and then you’ll record the answer. It is very easily done.

Go Pro

The next level up from that would be to get a professional to interview you…and that can make the difference between good content and GREAT CONTENT.

I know that when I interview one of our publishing clients for their promotional book project, I think the process through very carefully and I’m always listening to the answers. I am looking for a gap in the information or looking for a follow-up question that will give a fuller and broader answer that will be a benefit to the reader or listener.

The interviewer has to take on the position of the reader, always considering what would the reader ask the author. Certainly, a professional interviewer is able to dig out better quality content, as opposed to someone who just reads the questions off a sheet.

H_____ B___ E_____

If you want that kind of help in producing excellent content, my team and I will be happy to help you. We will dig deep inside your big brain and pull out the best content possible. You don’t have to be afraid, because we will stitch you up after the surgery.

I call this process “harmless brain extraction”. It’s a fascinating term, isn’t it?

There is one other thing in this section that I want to say to you. If you are an expert in a certain field, you KNOW the level of content that you want to create. You are aware of how much information that you have stored in your brain. Does that make sense?

So having someone interview you, allowing you to pour out your knowledge, information, passion, perspective, everything you know and feel about a certain subject, it makes it very easy to create great content.

To have someone ask you about the topic that you are passionate about—the topic that you have spent your lifetime on, perfecting your skills and making your living in that area of expertise—it is very easy to talk about.

All you need is for someone to ask you a few questions and you will be away flying; you will be pouring content out of your mouth faster than you realize. Without the hindrance of having to type out the content, you will be just letting it roll out of yourself in an audio recording.

WOW Results!

You will turn around after 20 minutes or two hours and look back and you will be surprised how much has come out of your brain and your mouth. It will all be your own original content; no one can steal it from you. No one can pirate it away from you and legally call it their own.

It’s a very easy way of producing content for your own book, especially when a professional interviewer is involved. I hope that encourages you, because you ought to be interviewed; you ought to have your content drawn out of you through an interview process.

When you see your own thoughts and feelings and passion in print, you will be so excited and you will not be able to wait to produce your next book. 

What about YOU? What about NOW?

If YOU want to create an interview-based audio, article or book, in order to get more prospects and more clients, then do this:

JUMP UP AND DOWN, and shout, “Me….Me…..ME!”

Next, use the CONTACT FORM on this site (or at to tell me which part of your brain that you want us to extract and send to your prospects. 

We will arrange the entire operation, and no blood will be spilled.

Ready? We are waiting and waiting to get hold of your brain.

~ Jerry Kuzma, Director, Perissos Group/Perissos Media



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