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The Power of Loving Your Vocation!

Here is a story that will force you to rethink your job, your career, your motivation and your whole life’s focus.

Alternatively, it could bore you to tears.  🙂

So, take a wild, life-changing chance and keep reading….

Harry Winston Jewelers is internationally known as one of the best, most high-priced jewelers, and they started in New York City. Unfortunately, Harry Winston is no longer with us.

Many, many years ago, when he was in the New York store,  he got a call one day from an Arab sheikh who said, “Mr Winston, I’m a gem collector. Do you have this certain type of diamond?” Winston said, “Oh yes. It’s priced in the millions, but I have it.” The skeik replied, “I’ll be in touch with you. I’m going to come in next week.”

So, the next week, the skeik took his private jet and landed in New York’s LaGuardia airport. Winston had his top salesman meet him at the airport and bring him back to the store’s VIP room. For an hour, the sales rep showed him this gorgeous diamond, and after an hour, the sheikh was just about to leave the store with no sale being made.

Mr Winston stopped him and said, “Oh, excuse me, sir. Could I have a moment with you?” They went back into the VIP room, and after 15 minutes, Harry Winston had a check for $4,000,000.

The sheikh was just about to go back to the airport when he said, “Mr. Winston, can I ask you something personal?” The man who met me, spent an hour with me, and tried to sell me that diamond, is he a good salesman?” Winston said, “He’s the best one in the industry, and he’s the top sales rep in New York. That’s why I hired him, and that’s why I pay him so much money.”

The skeik replied, “Well, Mr Winston, if he’s so good, why is it that he spent an hour with me and he couldn’t sell me, and yet you spent only 15 minutes with me and you could?”

Winston said, “Oh, that’s my trade secret. You see, he KNOWS diamonds, but I LOVE diamonds.”

My big, $500,000 question to you is this:  Do you LOVE what you do?

Would it positively affect your life, your family’s lives and the lives of all of your clients, customers and co-workers if you could DO WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE TO DO?

Now think.

Stop and think some more.

Take the day off and keep thinking (but don’t get fired).

Let that sink in.

I care about you, even though I don’t know you, and that is why I shared this story with you today.

Pursue what really motivates you, then it won’t feel like ‘work’.

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Have a brilliant and extremely lovely day,

Jerry Kuzma

Director, Perissos Group/Perissos Media

N Ireland


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