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northern ireland marketing consultant - hatchetChop Off One Leg So You Can Run Faster….?


Hiya, happy Wednesday to you and your kin.

Jerry Kuzma from Perissos Group and Perissos Media….

…the home of marketing on one leg.

No, I didn’t cut off one of my legs, but I do have some pertinent advice that just MIGHT benefit your business.

Two Legs

If you had a gangrenous leg, you wouldn’t be able to run very well, would you?

Now, if you were a spider (ie an 8-legged creature), and one of your legs was broken and gangrenous, you could possibly still run and win a race.

However, you might have to get rid of that bad leg, especially if it was slowing you down.

Cut the thing off and finish the race faster!

Stay with me, because this is directly related to the…

Biz Owner with a Bad Leg

A few months ago, I gave a consultation to a local business owner who sold agricultural equipment (definitely not my specialty).

He needed some practical advice regarding a certain line of heavy equipment that he represented in this part of the world.

Wanted to know the best way of making it a profitable line for him.

So, without me knowing anything about:

  • the market
  • the product line
  • the features or benefits
  • the line’s USP (unique selling proposition)
  • the price or
  • the competitors’ lines…

…I asked him a load of questions. He talked, and I asked more questions and then listened.

I asked……and I learned…..and I drew on my knowledge of other industries to give him my input.

My advice was basically this:

“If this manufacturer’s line is comparable to others that are currently in the market,
it has no apparent differentiating factor or angle,
you are making the same commission per sale,
but the manufacturer wants to offer you ‘exclusive distribution rights’ in this territory
(in order to get one specific sales company on board in this market–for THEIR benefit),
then WHY oh WHY would you run with a bad leg that is going to slow you down??

Cut that line and run better with your good leg!!

In other words, run with your best leg (or legs) or products or services or whatever!!

How about YOU?

Is there some part of your business that is seriously under-performing?

Could you do without it?

Is it worth cutting the thing off, so that you can run better without it?

Would you like an artificial leg?

Have I asked enough questions?

Give it some serious thought over the next 7 days.

If you want to schedule a phone or Skype consult with me, then contact me and tell me.

My hamster will forward your email to me asap.

And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg (enough of the leg jokes)…..

Till next time, have a brilliant day,

Jerry Kuzma
Perissos Group/Perissos Media
N Ireland

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