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The Nuclear Way to Use Testimonials to Get More Clients

Hello, you brave soul. In my last article, I promised to give you some powerful input on how to help your prospects to get to KNOW you better.

Remember that we want to help our prospects to get to KNOW you, LIKE you and TRUST you, so that they will be more willing to BUY from you or HIRE you.


We may not attack all of these topics in order in this series of articles. However, below is a potent strategy that could hit all three topics in one try.

We all know that testimonials from some of your happy customers or clients can really boost your credibility in the eyes of your prospects.

(“Nothing new there, Sherlock!”)

But think about how much more powerful, attractive, influencial and ground-breaking they could be in either AUDIO or VIDEO format……

This is dead-easy to do yourself. (My team could do it for you, if you have a bit of cash and no free time at all. 🙂

Here it is, in a step-by-step formula:

  1. have a cup of coffee and a cookie.
  2. dig through your list of current clients or customers, and pick out 5 or 10 who are REALLY, REALLY HAPPY with your business, your service and your wonderful self.
  3. ask each of them to either: a) record a 3-minute audio testimonial for you, b) record a 3-minute video testimonial, or c) write a few sentences about how wonderful you are. Ask them not to lie.

If one of your clients is not very tech-savvy, then meet up with them and record the audio testimonial on your smartphone. Again, ask them not to lie.

In any case, you will end up with a handful of audios, videos or text files.

“Wait, Jerry, have a text-based testimonial is not that exciting or inviting. How am I going to use THAT to spice up my marketing??”

I’m so glad you asked. You get a free cookie.

You can go to, the online freelancer site, and hire someone to turn that text testimonial into an audio recording for you.

You have just turned text into audio, which is filled with much more personality, life and interest than mere text.

Yes, you can do this.

Ok, then what do I do with those audio and video testimonials, big face??”

Thanks, that’s a lovely term of endearment.

Next, you can do one of two things….or both of them, actually:

  1. place all of those testimonials on a “What Our Clients Say Behind Our Backs” page on your website (yes, you should use that title to get more attention–it’s less boring), or
  2. place each one on a separate page, and send each link out to new prospects, one at a time over a 5-7 day period. (If you have an email autoresponder account to capture new visitors’ details, then this is an IDEAL use for those testimonials!)

“Yeah, yeah, OK, so what is the expected result of all that work?”

What you have is something ALIVE.

You have content that is created by REAL CLIENTS, telling why they think so highly of you and your company.

It is not emotionless text… is LIVELY audio and video: real people with lively words which are telling the truth of something that is VERY, VERY IMPORTANT.

Can you guess what it is?   (       pause       )

DING! Time’s up.

Your EXISTING clients are talking to your PROSPECTIVE clients about why they should get to:

  1. know,
  2. like, and
  3. trust you.

They are talking together, albeit virtually…

…so that you can get turn those prospects into clients.

Whoa…… that trust, baby!

Can you do this?


Could you make time to do it, or delegate it to your team?


Would it make it EASIER to get new clients?


Could you get my team to help you, if you needed to outsource it?

Yes, just connect with me and ask me.


Would you like me to create a short, simple, step-by-step training on how to do this?

I could make a series of 5 videos that outline the entire process, as well as the reason that this can be so powerful for your lead generation.

Would that help you to delegate it to someone on your team?

Are you interested in NOT putting your prospects to sleep?

Want to me to show you, step-by-step?

If so, then send me a message and type out the words:  “YES, TEACH ME THAT SUPER STUFF!”

Alternatively, do nothing. 🙂

In any case, let me know what you think of this post by commenting below. I will be staying up till almost 9pm, waiting for your hate mail positive replies.

I hope that this helped you. Send your comments or questions to me here:

Have a brilliant day and night,

Jerry Kuzma

Director, Perissos Group/Perissos Media

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